Mixing air tankers with racing aircraft at Reno

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(Above: Tankers 131 and 107 come in and out of the reloading pits while Tanker 162 is on final approach. Screengrab from the video below.)

Many of the air tankers working the Walker Fire south of Susanville, California are reloading with retardant at the Reno Stead Airport. The situation at the airport is a little different from most air tanker bases, in that earlier this week qualifying was underway for the Reno National Championship Air Races which meant small aircraft were racing around at low levels over the airport while the tanker base was still servicing the incoming and departing air tankers.

As explained in the video below, there was a Temporary Flight Restriction in effect at the airport but the tankers were allowed to come and go under the direction of an air traffic control system.

Some of the air tankers seen in the video are Aeroflite RJ85, T-162; Coulson C-130Q , T-131; Aero Air MD-87, T-107; and Coulson B-737, T-137.

As of Friday night September 9 the Walker Fire had burned 43,931 acres 17 miles south of Susanville, California.

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