Helicopters at the Cow Creek Fire

Cow Creek Fire helicopters

Above: Helicopters at the Cow Creek Fire October 17, 2019. Photo by the incident management team.

Two helicopters working on the 655-acre Cow Creek Fire were photographed at the helibase October 17, 2019. The ship in the foreground, N132BH, is a Eurocopter AS 350 B3 registered to BHI Helicopters out of Ontario, Oregon. A third helicopter is also assigned to the fire.

The Cow Creek Fire is 9 miles east of Ridgway, Colorado. The photo was taken before three spot fires 0.75 away from the main fire took off near the western base of Courthouse Mountain. A Type 1 Incident Management Team was ordered Thursday night.

More information about the fire is at Wildfire Today.

Cow Creek Fire Ridgway Colorado map
3-D map (looking east) showing the perimeter of the Cow Creek Fire at 10:04 p.m. Oct. 17, 2019. The spot fires are on the left.

UPDATE: I found another photo with a better view of the Bell 205A-1, N58HJ. This one appears to have been taken after the spot fires ignited.

Bell 205A-1 N58HJ Cow Fire
Bell 205A-1, N58HJ, at the Cow Fire October 17, 2019. Inciweb.

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