Roundup of fire aviation tweets

external retractable tank Blackhawk
Composite Approach external retractable tank for Blackhawk.

A retractable external water tank for a Blackhawk:

Helicopters working on the Saddleridge Fire:

A helicopter water drop in the Los Angeles area:

Erickson signs a contract in Greece:

It’s not exactly a “new” water bomber:

New hangar in Saskatchewan for firefighting aircraft

Nigeria to deploy 18 drones

An interesting photo of a helicopter water drop:

This appears to be a full load, 19,200-gallon drop by the 747:

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2 thoughts on “Roundup of fire aviation tweets”

  1. The Retractable Water Tank for Blackhawks is certainly an innovative idea. The discharge time for this system is too long. By the very nature of what copters are to accomplish on fires; deliver a significant amount of water quickly (3 to 6 seconds) at a height and speed that reduces the rotor downwash. By the very design of the recoil system the tank has to be retract, I assume? Leave the tank extended and place the refill pump (s) in the tank. Summary: reduce water discharge time, eliminate water fill hose (unless needed). Put pump (s) in or side of tank to shorten hover fill time, 20 seconds? I think this is a great idea! Remember to retract tank prior to landing, I know someone was going to ask.

  2. The Recoil Suppression System has great potential. The mission of the helicopter on wildfires is to deliver a large about of water in a short time (3 to 6 secs) to reduce rotor downwash. The R.S.S. system needs to in deliver a full tank in a shorter time. Why does the tank have to retract after every discharge? (yes recoil). Leave the tank extended. Place the pump (s) in the bottom of the tank or side. Target a 20 second fill for a full load. Upon landing retract tank, important. I know someone was going to ask.

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