Human External Cargo in Alberta

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Human External Cargo below helicopter Canada
Human External Cargo below a helicopter in Canada. Photo: Alberta Wildfire.

Alberta Wildfire published a series of three tweets showing training for helitack personnel. One of the two videos shows four firefighters being transported at the end of a long line below a helicopter.

This tweet comes shortly after the news that Alberta plans to eliminate their helicopter rappel program, affecting 63 firefighters.

Click on the tweet below to see two additional tweets on the topic, including two videos.

One thought on “Human External Cargo in Alberta”

  1. I would say that shutting down their rappel program is a mistake. However, I do not know much about their operation. Several NPS short-haul crews have been initial attacking and supporting fires with this method (HEC) for most part of a decade here in the US. It is an effective and safe operation that more agencies should evaluate, but it doesn’t replace rappel. They are both great tools when needed.

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