Air tanker activity at Hemet-Ryan in 1980

Some of the aircraft were probably working the Panorama Fire that burned 310 homes

Hemet-Ryan airtankers 1980
Tanker 65 lands at Hemet-Ryan in a screenshot from the video that was shot in November, 1980. Posted to YouTube by Habujet.

This film was shot at Hemet-Ryan Airport in southern California in November, 1980. Some of the air tankers were probably working the Panorama Fire that burned 310 homes and almost 29,000 acres. At that time the number of homes lost was considered to be extreme. Now almost 40 years later it ranks far down the list of destructive fires.

Aircraft seen in the video include C-119, S-2, PB4Y-2, B-17,  and a few others. The video was posted to YouTube by Habujet.

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9 thoughts on “Air tanker activity at Hemet-Ryan in 1980”

    1. Mr. Forbes,
      You didn’t happen to fly a B-17 on a fire near Cherry Lake, just outside the western boundary of Yosemite National Park in 1973, did you?
      Thank you.

        1. Thanks very much. I was a kid on a hand crew at that fire. I’m on a mission to find out the tail number of that plane and am hoping to discover whatever became of it.
          Working next to it was the thrill of a lifetime for me.

  1. Busy season that year in South ops. Dry Falls out of Palm Springs and all the Santa Ana fires. Great work by all the tanker drivers. No VLATs or fast large tankers. Hemet and Ramona very busy. Helicopters too!

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