Video of MAFFS air tanker crews training to fight fire

Video of the C-130s was shot in May, 2019 during annual MAFFS training at Colorado Springs, Colorado

MAFFS drop
MAFFS drop. Screenshot from the video.

The video below was posted today by AIRAILIMAGES. Here is their description:

Footage depicts Air National Guard C-130H Hercules transports fitted with the Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS) making low passes and water drops during the 2019 training and recertification of MAFFS crews in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in May. Visible also is the U.S. Forest Service’s new King Air 250 lead plane, flying ahead of a C-130 from the Nevada Air National Guard 152nd Airlift Wing. An OV-10 Bronco later leads a C-130 from the Wyoming Air National Guard 153rd Airlift Wing. Listen for thunder in the mountains as the Wyoming ANG flies. Several military C-130 units are MAFFS-qualified to assist in wildfire containment during peak fire season when civilian air tanker assets are heavily tasked. The MAFFS system can be installed in a standard C-130 when needed.

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5 thoughts on “Video of MAFFS air tanker crews training to fight fire”

  1. The new USFS King Air 250GT isn’t actually in the video. The new lead plane has BGR winglets, the leadplane in the video doesn’t, it’s a contract ship.

    1. The MAFFS II system is fully compatible with the J model C-130 with a conversion kit. The side brackets on the center pallet of the MAFFS II system gets changed out so that the system rests on the more outboard rollers of the C-130J. The vent tube that exits out the top of the paratroop door is different and the flexible bellows that seals the door to the big nozzle that sticks out the door is different. Conversion of the MAFFS II system from a C-130 H to a C-130J configuration takes about a day.

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