Crop duster sprays holy water on Louisiana community

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Holy Water crop duster Louisiana
A Roman Catholic church in southwestern Louisiana came up with a novel way to spread the gospel: blessing an entire community by way of crop duster. Photo: Diocese of Lafayette

A Roman Catholic church in rural Louisiana hoping to maximize its blessings has come up with a way to do it: filling up a crop-duster plane with holy water and letting the sanctified liquid mist an entire community.

“We can bless more area in a shorter amount of time,” Rev. Matthew Barzare of St. Anne Church in Cow Island, La., told NPR.

Following this past Saturday’s mass, parishioners from the church in southwestern Louisiana headed to an airstrip about five minutes away from the church. Churchgoers brought with them 100 gallons of water, which was loaded into the crop duster.

“I blessed it there, and we waited for the pilot to take off,” Barzare said, noting that it was the largest amount of water he had ever turned holy.

The pilot had instructions to drizzle certain parts of the community, including churches, schools, grocery stores and other community gathering places.


8 thoughts on “Crop duster sprays holy water on Louisiana community”

  1. Writing from Portland, Oregon. I’ve considered the consequences of such an event many times.
    If this was done unannounced in my neck of the woods, it would create such a howl of fear as to be heard around the world. Activists, teachers and parents would inundate the hospitals and courts with imagined maladies. The State would declare an emergency, evacuate the spray zones and call out the National Guard to set up mass decontamination centers. As another has said, “JAFO.”

  2. So, I’m sure the operator followed part 137, obtained approval from the governing authorities, had a congested area plan approved by the FAA, waiver,or exemption for the multi engine aircraft requirement for dispensing over congested areas, etc. Does the Pope prescribe the application rate for holy water?

    1. The ag cat in the picture has but one motor.

      The hopper, however much sprayed out, always has residual chemical and the “holy water” will take on the smell of that chemical.

      What of those who choose not to be “blessed?”

        1. 14 CFR 137.51 actually says the opposite. Why do you think 137 prohibits single engine airplanes from operating under that part, over congested areas? It does not.

          §137.51 Operation over congested areas: General.

          (4) Single engine aircraft must be operated as follows:

          (i) Except for helicopters, no person may take off a loaded aircraft, or make a turnaround over a congested area.

          (ii) No person may operate an aircraft over a congested area below the altitudes prescribed in part 91 of this chapter except during the actual dispensing operation, including the approaches and departures necessary for that operation.

          (iii) No person may operate an aircraft over a congested area during the actual dispensing operation, including the approaches and departures for that operation, unless it is operated in a pattern and at such an altitude that the aircraft can land, in an emergency, without endangering persons or property on the surface.

          1. Yes, it should have been applied by helicopter. Perhaps a black one?? Incidentally, not many using the term crop duster anymore, as no dust is used anymore. Fun story!

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