An overview of the C-130 incident in Australia

From L-R, First Officer Paul Clyde Hudson, Captain Ian H. McBeth, Flight Engineer Rick A. DeMorgan Jr. Coulson Aviation photo.

A video has been posted on YouTube by “blancolirio”, who frequently makes aviation-related videos. In the 15-minute piece he analyzes from afar the January 23, 2020 crash of Air Tanker 134, the Coulson Aviation EC-130Q in which Paul Hudson, Ian McBeth, and Rick DeMorgan Jr. were killed while working on a bushfire in New South Wales, Australia.

Keep in mind it will be months before the investigators release a report and the cause of the crash has not been determined.

This incident and the loss of these three men has had a severe impact on the small air tanker community.

Coulson has two C-130 air tankers (the other is T-131). The loss of T-134 drops that number to one. They also operate several Type 1 helicopters, a recently converted Boeing 737, and have four other 737s and five more C-130s with plans to convert them into air tankers in the future.

Rest In Peace

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3 thoughts on “An overview of the C-130 incident in Australia”

  1. Great video. So sad. As a former C-130 MAFFS crewmember, I can say this never gets easier. Prayers for all involved. These professionals made the ultimate sacrifice doing what they loved.

    One comment, he said 4,000 pounds of retardant. Coulson C-130 tankers hold 4,000 gallons of retardant. This equates to about 36,000 pounds of retardant, depending on the particular mixture.

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