34 Single Engine Air Tankers will be on BLM contract

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Air Tanker 855 drops Indian Canyon Fire
Air Tanker 855 drops on the Indian Canyon Fire in the Black Hills of South Dakota at 8:27 p.m. MDT July 16, 2016. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

The Bureau of Land Management will have 34 Single Engine Air Tankers on exclusive use contract this year to help fight wildfires, said Kari Cobb, Public Affairs Officer for the National Interagency Fire Center.

She said 100 additional SEATs will be on Call When Needed contracts, plus 19 amphibious SEATs known as Fire Bosses.

When asked if there are any plans to activate CWN SEATs more than usual this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, she said they are “[P]lanning for normal staffing at established locations.”

6 thoughts on “34 Single Engine Air Tankers will be on BLM contract”

  1. Interesting since as of August 2019 there were 85 assigned SEAT tanker numbers, not including Fire Boss aircraft.

    1. Yes – once again, the BLM isn’t really sure what they have access to….the total number of wheeled SEATs, in the busiest seasons, has always numbered roughly 80 aircraft. I think Ms. Cobb might have double counted as the 34 EU contracts are really just CWN contracts with some lipstick and eyeliner. She is correct in saying that there are ~100 or so SEATs on CWN if she’s thinking of the 80 wheeled SEATs and 19 Fire Bosses….which are all really just on CWN contracts with the BLM

  2. 34 EU aircraft isn’t *that* much considering it’s pretty well established (at least where I work) that SEAT’s are best ordered/used in pairs? Hopefully we’re not stretched too thin this year.

  3. Good. BLM will hopefully continue this instead of the last severals yrs of CWN nonsense.
    Now maybe the FS can foo BLM’s lead and do a better job of contracting and supporting LAT companies. Especially American companies.

    1. Todd, based on other comments made here, I’m curious how you feel about LA County’s contracting with the Quebec Scoopers? Quebec, of course..being in Canada.

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