A DC-10 reloading in Arizona worked the Holcomb Road Fire in Texas

Tanker 910 delivered at least four loads of retardant over two days

Air Tanker 910 a DC-10 Holcomb Road
The flight path of Air Tanker 910, a DC-10, working the Holcomb Road Fire in Texas. This was the second load of the day for the aircraft on the fire. The map was current at 6:25 p.m. CDT April 21, 2020. FlightAware.

A wildfire 32 miles north of the Rio Grande and 28 miles southwest of Ozona, Texas has burned 18,000 acres. The Holcomb Road Fire started April 19, 2020 in Crockett County and has since spread into Val Verde County.

One of the two air tankers working on the fire Monday and Tuesday was Tanker 910, a DC-10 flying out of and reloading at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Each sortie took about three hours, plus 50 minutes on the ground between loads Tuesday for taxi and reloading. En route to the fire it was flying 450 mph at 11,300 feet, and returning, 400 mph at 16,600 feet.

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4 thoughts on “A DC-10 reloading in Arizona worked the Holcomb Road Fire in Texas”

  1. Nice to see some action, though I prefer to read about any of those other tankers that could pull a dozen loads in a day!! :))
    Thanks Bill!

  2. Reminds me of the Yellowstone fires in 1988. We flew several sorties with MAFFS C-130’s out of Helena Mt. to support the air attack on fires. Long turns. Long days.

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