Parallel Flight Technology’s next drone model will be able to carry 100 pounds for hours

Parallel Flight Technologies drone fires wildfires transport supplies
Joshua Resnick, the CEO of Parallel Flight Technologies, describes in a video how their drones can carry chainsaws and other equipment for wildland firefighters. Image from Santa Cruz Tech Beat video.

The first experimental drone that Parallel Flight Technology (PFT) developed can transport 75 of pounds for one hour, 50 pounds for 2.7 hours, or 10 pounds for 6.4 hours. They are currently designing what they call a beta level aircraft that can haul 100 pounds for hours.

“We are building a new drone technology and it can be used for a lot of different things, but wildfire would really be the use case that was the impetus for me to even start on this project,” Joshua Resnick, the CEO of PFT told us in November. “We had a fire not far from our home in Santa Cruz, California in 2017 either right before or right after the Santa Rosa Fire, and it was after that that I started looking into the different ways that unmanned systems could be used in a wildfire effort. That’s when I started understanding that using unmanned systems to resupply firefighters could be very useful especially when manned aircraft could not fly due to smoke inversions or nighttime.”

Mr. Resnick, formerly the lead electrical engineer that helped design the Tesla all-electric battery-powered semi-trailer truck, is one of the three people that created PFT.

Instead of relying on batteries to drive the new drone’s propellers, the aircraft is powered by four hybrid power modules, each with a gas-electric combination. The 2-cycle gas engines work in combination with the electric motors, which provide very high peak thrust as well as redundancy. Larger aircraft in the PFT’s pipeline could be powered by other fuels, such as diesel or jet fuel.

In the video below Mr. Resnick begins talking about how it could be used on fires at 4:35.

Parallel Flight Technologies drone
Parallel Flight Technologies photo.

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3 thoughts on “Parallel Flight Technology’s next drone model will be able to carry 100 pounds for hours”

  1. Don’t forget that resupplying firefighters on the line with unmanned resources presupposes that the real-time location of the firefighters receiving the supplies is known accurately. This is still only true a small minority of the time. Agencies still have work to do before the potential of these technologies can be realized.

  2. I saw your drone on Fire Aviation and that you are soliciting investors in funding the production of your latest revised design.
    The country needs your Drone ‘now’ and the Biden administration needs to aid your success for the good of all who need access to the Covid-19 vaccine.
    Imagine your drone carrying 100 lbs of vaccine and dry ice in an insulated stainless steel cargo box ‘anywhere’ in the country where the roads are rugged and rough and the landing strips are few and far from those in need.
    The DOD needs to deliver 660,000,000 vails of vaccine anywhere it’s needed as fast as your drone can fly.
    Drop everything else and educate the decision-makers by demonstrating its capabilities are second to none.
    Good luck and I’ll be betting on you (send me your link) and so are the millions who will live because you’re their heroes

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