An introduction to the Durango Airtanker Base

Helicopters and air tankers work out of the base in southwest Colorado

Durango Airtanker Base

The video below was posted to YouTube June 2, 2020 by the Southwest Colorado Wildfire Coalition, with this description:

Air resources can be extremely valuable in fighting a wildland fire. In Southwestern Colorado, with the dry weather this year and high or very high fire danger, we’ve already seen several small fires. Some were sparked by lightning, some were human-caused. The Durango Air Tanker Base has pre-positioned two small tankers, along with the Durango Helitack crew and has more resources on the way in anticipation of an active fire season.

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One thought on “An introduction to the Durango Airtanker Base”

  1. Durango was identified in NATS 2 as an analyzed location Which showed positive benefits for establishment. With all of the discussion lead Bill G., it is valuable for people to step back and actually read NATS 1 and 2 as well as the revalidation done in 2005 at the request of a Neil Hitchcock at NIFC. These were analytical studies, not subjective “studies” and some pretty good work was done by myself and others. All of the protests and issues would not be happening if the WO would have just implemented recommendations on airtanker platforms which dedicated employees spent thousands of hours working on. A big thanks needs to do to WO AD for Aviation Pat Kelly at time as he ran with the airtanker base recommendations and Durango ATB is one example of Pat’s leadership.

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