747 inbound

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  1. Lo and behold . . . lo and behold . . . ! (and below the ridgelines . . . ?!)
    Finally . . . @ long last . . . after its enduring STC struggle during the Ventura County Day Fire (2006), as Bob McAndrew focused his entire energies for the first 747 SuperTanker of Evergreen fame to ‘do the drop’ . . . !

  2. With both the 747 and Airbus 380’s being remove from passenger service, the price for both aircraft (blue book) used has plummeted. Is this the start of the 24 K (gallons plus) mega tankers? As with the Chinook internal tank systems, operators the of the (747&380) will manufacture their own designed approved IATB retardant tanks.

    1. 747, maybe, but. not the A380. It lacks the structure. It’s not convertible to a freighter due to floor loading issues. It has maneuvering issues on the ramp, and isn’t conducive to much beyond the passenger configuration.

      The 747 is a versatile airplane. I’m biased, though.

      1. Roger that. Worked design interiors of B747-100 Boeing 1965-67 & followed C-5 freighter specs (thank you, Pan Am & visited NY). Evergreen’s was in STC as 10-Tanker first flew the 2006 Day Fire (Ventura), eager to join the ‘spray fray’. Also later worked L-1011 interiors as the future of cargo was prescient . . . as we all know from the current “free shipping” syndrome.

  3. With a significant numbers of billionaires in the U.S. I wonder when some one will “step up” for humanitarian reasons. Tragic what is occurring in the West. Connect these dots: Antinov 225 on the assemble line Kiev, Ukraine. Designed as a massive load carrying freighter. As an air tanker 30 to 32 thousand gallons per sortie. Fast forward: Tourist attraction, dome (like Spruce Goose) open to the public, except maintenance and fire missions. Location: Castle Airport (Air Museum) home of one of the finest collections in the States of aircraft on display. Castle is a vast airport which was the home of both B 52s and KC135s. Previous operated as SAC base. Today: when the Antinov 225 operated by Antinov Airlines lands or takes off thousands assemble to watch. Maybe some entrepreneur would like to feed his/her ego with having the biggest of something? Just another “tool” in the tool box.

    1. As thousands watch, perhaps Cal Fire’s ego might consider precision (saturation; good word) Phos-Chek bombing with something “big” . . . & foresight forest mgmt . . . before the fires get ‘beyond containment’. Coulda kept the wildland crews engaged year ’round during this El Niño, selective cuts and trims . . . as planned (considered). But then there’s the Sierra Club. Our CaGovGav stood there and espoused a plan, but only addressing ‘man-made global warming’ this weekend. Doesnt’t Smokey Bear claim 90% of wildfires are man-caused? Like COVID-19? We often seem to have the ‘biggest’ . . . of ‘sumthin’. (but . . . what?)

      Uh . . . shall we ask “Summit” (DOE Oak Ridge) for a ‘plan’ . . . ?

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