Teen firefighting pilot flies Blackhawks and Chinooks

Ashli Blain is 19 years old

Ashli Blain, firefighting helicopter pilot
Ashli Blain, screenshot from KECI video.

Ashli Blain, a 19-year old college student, recently went back to school after spending her summer fighting fires from helicopters as a command pilot in Blackhawks and copilot in Chinooks. She works for Billings Flying Service out of Montana.

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19 thoughts on “Teen firefighting pilot flies Blackhawks and Chinooks”

  1. Somebody did something here. They raised a great young lady. Be proud to know them and the young lady. She’s almost the age of my youngest granddaughter and doing this????

  2. Amazing to see a young woman working in the aviation field as a command pilot on two iconic aircraft. An inspiration for her generation and of those to come. We will hear more about her in the years to come for certain.

  3. America should be proud of kids like that and be thankful to parents who raise these remarkable kids!!

  4. Great role model! Accounting will serve you well in aviation…going broke is easier than getting rich!
    Fly safe!

  5. So Awesome. She deserves all our respect.
    Saw B947CH at Nervino Airport working the North Complex Fire.
    Quite a machine!

  6. I am an Air Force Junior ROTC instructor, and the inspiration this young lady gives to my students is immeasurable. My wife showed me this story and I jaw dropped. God bless Ashli and her family for raising a rock star daughter. Godspeed young lady, Godspeed!!

  7. Awesome story! Amazing accomplishment for anybody, let alone a kid barely out of high school! Congratulations not only to Ashli, but to her parents as well! Good work!

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