Another C-130 is almost ready to join the Coulson fleet

October 2, 2020   |   4:46 p.m. MDT

Coulson air tanker C-130 T-132 (N132CG)
Coulson Air Tanker 132, a C-130H (N132CG) with its fancy black props. Coulson photo.

The first of five C-130H planes that Coulson Aviation purchased from the Norwegian military completed its heavy maintenance in Crestview, Florida October 1 and was ferried to Spokane, Washington for new paint and an inspection.

The aircraft has already been converted to an air tanker, Tanker 132, with the installation of a 4,000-gallon internal gravity-powered retardant tank. As recently as 2017 Coulson operated another C-130 known as Tanker 132. It was leased and was returned to its owner.

Coulson air tanker C-130 T-132 (N132CG)
Coulson Air Tanker 132, a C-130H (N132CG) fueling up before ferrying to Spokane, WA for new paint and inspection. Coulson photo.

A second C-130 was pulled out of mothballs at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona at the same time as this aircraft. It will also be outfitted as an air tanker and is going through heavy maintenance at Crestview.

Tanker 132 Coulson
After being delayed by Hurricane Sally, Tanker 132 was back outside completing is final ground runs and ops checks.”TY” is sporting its overhauled black propellers and painted rudder.
Coulson air tanker C-130 T-132 (N132CG)
Coulson Air Tanker 132, a C-130H (N132CG), completing its Functional Check Flight after maintenance. Coulson photo.

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6 thoughts on “Another C-130 is almost ready to join the Coulson fleet”

  1. Beautiful aircraft doing a commendable job for all in need.
    Their color scheme is both awesome looking and highly visible!
    May God bless the flight crews, ground crews and lastly the wing spars!! 🇺🇲

  2. I worked the C-130 aircraft for 3 years at Evreux France. I simply loved that plane and still do. I was privileged to fly many hours as flight mechanic in post dock test flights to clear any remaining problems from going through dock inspections which was a pretty through inspection where every system and structure was inspected. I still love to see anything that involves the C-130 and the modifications that are made and all the different jobs they use it for. It is a great airplane and will be far beyond my life of 82 years. Thanks for this information.

  3. Rode many miles/hours in -130s during the “Gulf War” . Came to really appreciate the flexibility of that bird. I think Lockheed is missing a bet by not stretching it a bit in length and in wingspan and adding another pair of engines. That would be a truly awesome short field aircraft even more capable than the-130s that we now love.

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