Videos and photos of firefighting air tankers

SM-100AT Air Tanker
Stavatti introduces the SM-100AT air tanker. A clean-sheet-of-paper, new design, the SM-100AT will deliver 4,000 gallons of fire retardant.

The video below shows the effects of air tanker drops in timber. The first part shows a dozer line or road on the edge of the Glass Fire in Northern California. Then you will see where red fire retardant dropped by air tankers has slowed the advance of the fire. When it can be done safely, firefighters on the ground or on dozers will need to construct a bare-earth fireline where the fire has burned into or through the retardant. Aircraft dropping water or retardant do not put out a fire, they can only slow the spread, and only if the wind is not very strong.

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3 thoughts on “Videos and photos of firefighting air tankers”

  1. These SM-100AT proposed tankers might be good replacement for Cal Fire S-2T there fantastic but they are starting to show the age unfortunately.

  2. It’s been, is, truely a HELL of a season and no end in sight!!!! Looks like rain/snow is gonna be the “saviour”! As I’ve said before air support ia/are ground crews hero’s!!! Ditto crazy cat crews blading in the dark cutting hot line. And RIP SMOKEWALKERS that gave your all, both ground pounders and tankers. When you “paint” it’s that much less line to grind out. THANK YOU ALL FROM OLD LINE GRUNT!!

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