Tanker 138 becomes Bomber 210 in Australia and gets new livery

NSW RFS' B-210 737 air tanker
NSW RFS’ B-210, formerly known as Air Tanker 138. October 9, 2020. Matthew Tregear photo.

The 737 air tanker that New South Wales Rural Fire Service purchased from Coulson received a new paint job over the Australian winter. Besides needing to be identified as Bomber 210, there is a report that flying through ash during the incredibly busy 2019-2020 bushfire season stripped away enough paint to justify the new livery.

After a career of hauling passengers for Southwest Airlines, the aircraft made its first drop on a fire in August, 2019.

It was repainted by Flying Colors Aviation in Townsville, Queensland and made its first drop of the 2020/2021 bushfire season a few days ago.

Flying Colors Aviation Facebook postThe design of the livery on the aircraft when it was converted into an air tanker by Coulson was based on a Boeing concept seen on some of their new aircraft.

Boeing 777-8X
Boeing 777-8X. Boeing image.

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