Erickson announces FAA certification for composite main rotor blades

Erickson announces composite main rotor blades
Erickson announces FAA certification for composite main rotor blades. Erickson image.

Erickson Incorporated has announced final FAA certification for the composite main rotor blades on the S-64F and CH-54B helicopters. Earlier this year, the company received approval for the S-64E model. This recent announcement finalizes the certification of the S-64F and CH-54B, solidifying FAA certification for the entire fleet of S-64 Air Crane® E & F models, as well as the CH-54 Skycrane A & B models.

The advanced design of the blades provides a significant performance advantage, especially with hot and high conditions.

This Certification brings considerable advantages, such as:

  • Performance gains
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced vibration, meaning reduced wear and fatigue on the entire aircraft
  • Blade interchangeability with the E/A models
“It was quite difficult, but extremely satisfying to see this
project through to completion. There are a lot of blood
sweat and tears in those blades.”
– Billy Johnson, Chief Engineer at Erickson Incorporated

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3 thoughts on “Erickson announces FAA certification for composite main rotor blades”

  1. Questions from a dummy-
    Are the new blades carbon fiber?
    Were the old blades aluminum or an alloy thereof?

    1. “An advanced composite blade construction for a helicopter rotor blade using for the most part fiber reinforced plastic materials in which the major assembly of blade elements is a single step co-cure operation and in which an integral spar/skin carries centrifugal, flapwise and chordwise loads and also incorporates redundant means to carry torsional loads and a honeycomb core carries shear and aerodynamic pressures loads.”
      —————————————-End of quote —————————-
      Notice that the above is (wow!) one sentence!

      Plastic reinforced materials are as follows:


      As far as I can find rotor blades for the S-64 were made of aluminum. No mention of alloys.

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