Air tanker makes wheels-up landing in Ontario, Canada

There were no reported injuries

Water bomber air tanker 274 wheels-up landing
Water bomber 274 after a wheels-up landing at Sault Ste. Marie Airport in Ontario, Canada May 2, 2021. Photo by Dan Gray for Sault Online.

Dan Gray of Sault Online reports that an air tanker made a wheels-up landing at Sault Ste. Marie Airport in Ontario, Canada at about 12:30 p.m. on May 2.

Water bomber 274, a Canadair water scooper, is pictured on the ground with the wheels up, leaning over onto the right side float.

From Mr. Gray’s article:

After reviewing audio on someone on board the water bomber stated “There was a failure on the landing gear, we are going to need assistance to move the aircraft off the runway.”

A spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) called it a “hard landing” after a test flight. There were no reported injuries.

The aircraft, C-GOGH manufactured in 1998, is listed as a CL-215-6B11 (Series CL-415) registered to the Province Of Ontario, MNRF.

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18 thoughts on “Air tanker makes wheels-up landing in Ontario, Canada”

  1. Back in the day we used to land floats on soaked grass, usually parallel to the runway. I would think that would be a lot less damaging to the hull than asphalt.

    I flew a 215T once, literally. I should think there’d be a gravity drop for the gear.

  2. Why not land the float plane on one of Ontario’s many lakes or slack water rivers near the Sault Ste. Marie airport and work out the landing gear issue without damage?

    1. Roger that . . . or a strip-owned (parallel?) long pond readied for such issues that also serves as a resupply resource. ( . . . tick tock . . . tick tock . . . ) I’ll never forget Yorktown and Cubi Pt.

  3. Seams like they forgot to lower the landing gear. Landing gear is in the UP position, not collapsed.

    1. (.. . audio on . . . “There was a failure on the landing gear, we are going to need assistance to move the aircraft off the runway.”) . . . before or after W/U? Suspect ‘after’. Thankfully >> test run, Accident NI. (ATC wheel watch “check gear down” ?)
      . . . tick tock, tick tock . . .

      Long ago & far away, (Rode ‘shotgun’ in ‘Guppy’ Rt seat ) . . . ‘ night sortie . . . LSO: “Call the Ball . . . Gear, Hook ‘n Flaps”. Pilot: “Roger Ball . . . Gear, Hook ‘n Flaps” I hit IP–“ArXX, drop the gear . . !” ( suddenly did, trapped aboard ). Two weeks later at NAS Cxxx Px, solo night FCLP’s, ArXX wheels up. (strike AD).

  4. Way back when I was a tower controller part of the landing clearance was “check gear down”. Often wonder why they changed it.

    1. I was told- when I was “in the tower” if we are going to say check gear down – then why are we not saying other checklist items!
      Gas; Undercarriage; Mixture;Props; Speed;
      Therefore it was dropped.

      1. Perhaps . . . just maybe . . . on final approach (GCA –“on slope, on glidepath”?) . . . your ‘contact’ wouldn’t even be there if . . . instruments, engine & air noise weren’t ” A-OK” for pilot) .

        But any plane lacking GearCam video can’t see ‘down & dirty’.

        That’s why, long . . . long . . . ago . . . in 1930, in their infinite wisdom, airports (and began the practice of . . . (approach) “Control Towers” (key word >> ‘Control’). Oh yes . . . and in 1922 aboard USS Langley.

  5. An AC or WJ pilot will fly more in a month then the average CL415 pilot will fly operationally in a year. (75 hours average of operational flying per year) This is bound to happen after a long winter off(paid). Privatize/market the bombers and have crews become more proficient flying more hours and not allowing aircraft to sit in a snowbank for 6 months of the year.

    1. (MNRF) called it a “hard landing” after a test flight. (“Spokes’person” MNRF Forestry?) . . . watertight? . . .

      . . . and reup ‘ATC wheel watch’, especially . . . for “test flight”(?)

    2. Those AC & WJ crews might sit in an aircraft more but 90% of the time it’s on auto pilot. The average skimmer pilot does more takeoffs and landings in one day then they do in a year. There pay isn’t connected to flight hours but is predicated on duty hours. Don’t try to twist this twist this event into something it is not.

  6. This is what happens when you get to be an old bird. You get Arthur-itis in your landing gear.
    I fight it 24-7. Youngsters, just you wait … you’re gonna love it! Sometimes we come down hard. We honestly avoid lethal hazards; that’s how we got to be old. Mostly we look for a softer place to land for the times we do crash.
    Keep it safe, Guys! Enjoy; the views, the strength, the work, and the adventures of youth.
    You need a good flight plan, and it never hurts to listen to the old fliers and the weather.
    Keep an eye out for a good landing spot when you need it.
    And always … keep enough fuel on board so you can make it to sundown. We know the night is coming.

    1. Now . . . THAT’S . . . a real problem . . . especially for a ‘land plane’ to ditch . . . !

  7. Training mishap or maintenance? The 415’s are not that old compared to the Cansos that used to run around this province. Glad nobody hurt.
    Hope they took to the grass…wheels up on pavement? Might have to change the seat covers.
    Cheers from someone who used to work there. Hope things are better now…but never had a wheels up.

  8. Just a bummer for all. Feel bad for the pilots. No matter what the cause, glad the crew is safe. The damage can be fixed. Can’t be pointing fingers. There will be lessons learned out of this incident and we all will benefit.

    1. “hard landing” after a test flight. << Yep, all good (NI) . . . and why we 'test fly' . . . (hope we see 'hotwash')

  9. How to spin forgetting the gear will be tough to do . Maintenance ” not” the problem.

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