Airtankers ON

The table below released by NIFC is dated May 30, 2023 — but all of these airtankers have been activated, some as early as March. No big surprises on the contract awards — most of who you hoped would be on contract, including two Aero-Flite scoopers, are on the list.

T-262 -- a 1600-gal. CL-415. Aero-Flite photo
T-262 — a 1600-gal. CL-415. Aero-Flite photo

The other airtanker contract awards include Neptune (T-40 and T-15 and T-16 and T-12), Aero-Flite with T-12 and T-162, 10 Tanker with its T-914 DC-10, Coulson’s T-137 (a 737), Aero-Flite (T-167 and T-164) and Aero Air with T-102 and T-101. The CWN activations include 10 Tanker’s T-910 (a DC-10), and the CWN Scooper activations include Aero-Flite’s S261 and S262 (both CL-415 aircraft).

2023 Airtankers
2023 Contract Airtankers

High fives to all you pilots, personnel, and contract companies — we’re glad you’re on board!

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