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Photoshop contest: advertisement on an air tanker or helicopter

We are introducing a contest…a Photoshopping contest.

It is inspired by Colorado State Senator Steve King who said he will be introducing a bill in the legislature this week to establish a fleet of aerial firefighting resources for the state. In addition, he suggested this:

Can you imagine what advertising value would be if you had a Colorado Rockies sign on the tail of slurry bomber?

And “Firefighter Zero” chimed in with a comment on our article, saying:

Can you just picture a “slurry bomber” coming over the hill with NASCAR style advertising on it?

So I think we should lend a hand to the state of Colorado and give them some ideas. Do you have any suggestions? Send us a photo, a Photoshopped photo, which is your concept of how the new Colorado Aerial Firefighting Division (I just made up that agency name) could configure their air tankers or helicopters.

Any company logos that are copyrighted, and virtually all are, can’t be used. You will need to create your own advertising images. Here is more information about your submissions:

  • You may use THIS image taken by Bill Gabbert if you wish.
  • File size: no larger than 150k.
  • Only one submission each.
  • Image dimensions: no wider than 800 pixels, no taller than 400 pixels.
  • Format: .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • Include your name in the file name.
  • Copyrighted images of aircraft or company logos, unless you own the copyright, will not be accepted.
  • You can submit them through our Contact Us page.

Images must be received by the end of the day on March 25, 2013. The best ones will be published on Fire Aviation.