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At Fire Aviation we like to hear from our readers.

Phone: Occasionally we receive calls asking us to provide aircraft services or to hire pilots or mechanics. We are a website. We write about aerial firefighting but we do not sell anything, provide aircraft services, nor do we operate any aircraft or hire pilots. (You’d be surprised how many calls we receive asking for air tankers, aircraft parts, or jobs fighting fire from the air or ground.) To reach the managers of this Fire Aviation web site, only, call 605-593-4265. Again, we do not own or operate any aircraft or employ pilots, nor do we sell parts for aircraft.

To send us an email, use the form below. We will assume that you are giving us permission to include on Fire Aviation, your name, your comments, and any photo or document you attach, unless you specifically tell us otherwise.  For a photo, please include a description, the date, the location, and photographer’s name. If you are having trouble making the form below work, you can contact us at bill at wildfiretoday do t co m.

And again, as it says above, we do not sell anything or employ any pilots or mechanics.

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