Massive helicopter used in wildfire on Russia/China border

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The automatic translation from Bing about the Russian-made Mi-26 helicopter:

Cross-border forest fires occurred in Russia, driven by China in Mongolia Autonomous daeheung an Ridge North. Join the Wu troops in Mongolia and Heilongjiang total fire fighting!

And Google’s auto-translation:

Forest fires occurred in Russia crossed the border and spread to the northern part of Daixing Anrill in China ‘s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Forest Takeshi Kaiuchi Mongolia · Heilongji Squadron participate in firefighting activities.

Airborne firefighters in China

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Mi-26 helicopter firefighters
Firefighters in China load firefighting apparatus into an Mi-26 helicopter. Photo credit @ChineNouvelle.

These photos reportedly show wildland firefighters in China working with a Russian-made Mi-26 helicopter, which, according to Wikipedia, is the “largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into series production.”

Mi-26 helicopter firefighters
Firefighters in China work with an Mi-26. Photo credit @ChineNouvelle.