Four air tankers at Alamogordo Tanker Base

T-43 p2v
Tanker 43 at Alamogordo, NM. Photo by Jason Floyd.

Jason Floyd sent us this photo, saying:

Drove by the Alamogordo, NM Airtanker Base this last weekend to see if they were ready. Much to my surprise Neptune had 4 P2V’s ready to go.

A DC-10 engine on the highway

DC-10 engine

10 Tanker Air Carrier describes their photo, taken in the Albuquerque area:

“Today we loaded one of our General Electric CF6 engines on a trailer and trucked it across town to Central New Mexico Community College School of Applied Technologies. We donated the engine with the hope that it will enhance their large aircraft maintenance program…… and continue to send us good employees! No denying its large, and looks even larger driving down the road! BTW…….this is an engine for a DC10-10, and all of our airplanes will now be DC10-30’s.”

DC-10 air tanker at Phoenix

The news footage above indicates some of the people in the Phoenix area are pleased to have one of the DC-10 air tankers temporarily working out of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport. Some Snake River Hotshots crewmembers detailed there out of Idaho are also interviewed in the piece.

After flying 10 missions on the Powerhouse Fire in southern California over two days, the air tanker flew two missions Tuesday on the Thompson Ridge fire which is spreading rapidly west of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Today they are back on the Thompson Ridge Fire again, reloading out of Roswell, New Mexico.