Three SEATs in formation

Fred Celest sent us these photos he took from Tanker 873. Thanks Fred!

The Single Engine Air Tankers were returning from the Lee Creek Fire in Montana on July 9.

The middle plane in the formation is T-803 with pilot Matt Lutz. The third plane is T-855 piloted by Matt Jurgensen. All three planes are with New Frontier Aviation out of Fort Benton Montana.

3 single engine air tankers
Photo from T-873 of T-803 on the foreground and T-855 in the background. Photo by Fred Celeste.

View of a SEAT from another SEAT

single engine air tanker
Tanker 855 flown by Dave Bright, as seen from Tanker 873, piloted by Fred Celest. Photo by Fred Celest.

Fred Celest sent us this photo he took with his cell phone while he was returning from the 16 Mile Fire in eastern Pennsylvania for a load and return. Both planes are operated by New Frontier Aviation out of Fort Benton, Montana. The single engine air tankers are Air Tractor 802s with Garret-14 engines.

We’ve written about T-873 a couple of times before.

Thanks Fred.