More photos of the C-119s

In-flight shots of Tankers 81, 82, and 87

Tanker 82 N13745
Tanker 82 (N13745) at Ontario, CA November, 1975. By JD Davis.

When JD Davis saw Steve Whitby’s photos of the three C-119 air tankers taken in 1981 as they were lined up at the Hemet-Ryan retardant pits, he was kind enough to send us individual photos of each of the tankers, all shot when they were airborne — tankers 81, 82, and 87. JD’s pictures were taken between 1975 and 1982 in southern California.

Thanks JD!

Tanker 87 N13746
Tanker 87 (N13746) at Hemet-Ryan July 21, 1982. By JD Davis.
Tanker 81 N13743
Tanker 81 (N13743) at Hemet-Ryan, CA July 20, 1980. By JD Davis.

Three flying boxcars at Hemet-Ryan tanker base

Looking back at 1981

Three C-119s Ryan 1981
Three C-119s at Hemet-Ryan Air Tanker Base in 1981. Front to back, Tanker 81 (N13743), T-87 (N13746), and T-82 (N13745). Photo by Steve Whitby.

Steve Whitby took this photo in 1981 at Hemet-Ryan Air Tanker Base in southern California. Three of Hemet Valley Flying Service’s Fairchild C-119s are lined up in the pits where they are loaded with fire retardant for assisting firefighters on wildfires.

Steve said he’s been scanning negatives he took 39 years ago. Keep up the good work, Steve!

The last C-119 in line is T-82 (N13745) which was advertised by GSA as scrap for sale. It apparently sold for $10,400 February 1, 2016.

Tanker 82 C-119
C-119. Tanker 82 (N13745). GSA photo, possibly in 2016.

Air tanker activity at Hemet-Ryan in 1980

Some of the aircraft were probably working the Panorama Fire that burned 310 homes

Hemet-Ryan airtankers 1980
Tanker 65 lands at Hemet-Ryan in a screenshot from the video that was shot in November, 1980. Posted to YouTube by Habujet.

This film was shot at Hemet-Ryan Airport in southern California in November, 1980. Some of the air tankers were probably working the Panorama Fire that burned 310 homes and almost 29,000 acres. At that time the number of homes lost was considered to be extreme. Now almost 40 years later it ranks far down the list of destructive fires.

Aircraft seen in the video include C-119, S-2, PB4Y-2, B-17,  and a few others. The video was posted to YouTube by Habujet.

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