Tanker 116 at Mather

Tanker 116 Mather California

Jon Wright took this photo of Air Tanker 116, which is one of the first of the seven HC-130H aircraft the U.S. Forest Service acquired from the U.S. Coast Guard to be converted to an air tanker.

Mr. Wright said it spent several hours on February 27 and 28 conducting approaches at Mather Airport east of Sacramento.

4 thoughts on “Tanker 116 at Mather”

    1. From the photo doesn’t look like its tanked. Most likely still MAFFS and I doubt IA carded unless the forest service hired some IA carded pilots.

  1. That’s a real nice picture! Tanker 116 will be using MAFFS II again this season, and will not be flying any initial attack.

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