Video of air tankers at Boise

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August 7, 2020 | 7:01 p.m. MDT

Tanker 168 fire wildfire RJ85
Air Tanker 168, an RJ85, at Boise, Idaho August 6, 2020. Screenshot from AIRAILIMAGES video.

Fred Johnson of let us know about this AIRAILIMAGES video he shot of air tankers landing and taking off at Boise August 6. He said they were probably working on a wildfire in eastern Oregon.

You will see two BAe-146s, Tankers 03 and 41, and an RJ85, Tanker 163.

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3 thoughts on “Video of air tankers at Boise”

  1. As an old smoke eater, ground pounder, line grunt, these crazy air jockies are the hero’s, even life savers, of hundreds of guys n gals on the ground!!!! I’ve been slimed a time or two, do-mobed in red, originally green, engines, felt the ground shake as a drop came in “picking pine cones” to keep the dragon off a crew of inmate line diggers. We’ve lost some, two? this year already. These people, n the water drop helicopter crews n helis that saved/save us hours of hikeing getting us in, truely are dedicated, and as mentioned, freaking crazy!!! To intentionally fly directly at a mountain side and at the last possible second bank and pull up is, again, crazy!!! I did my last fire at age 52, 18 years ago, n still today when i see a red belly leave Boise my heat skips a couple beats and I wanna GO!!! And the pilots that ferry jumpers, all you people, and the ground crews that give you and the line crews that depend on you, a quick turn around time, THANK-YOU!!! May God bless, keep you safe, again THANK-YOU!!!!!!

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