UPDATED: DC-10 damages wing while taxiing at Moses Lake

Wing damage on Tanker 910.
Wing damage on Tanker 910.

(UPDATED, July 25, 2014: excerpts from SAFECOMS are at the end of the article. UPDATED September 3, 2014: a lessons learned report can be found HERE.)

One of the DC-10 Very Large Air Tankers incurred some damage to a wing July 19, 2014 while it was taxiing at the air tanker base at Moses Lake, Washington. While relocating in the loading pit area Tanker 910 struck a portable “air stair”, a structure that can be pushed up to the aircraft door. Two people on the ground were marshaling the DC-10 as it slowly moved, directing it where to go and supposedly watching for obstructions.

air stair
The “air stair” that was struck by the wing.

The wing was damaged on the front and back sides –the aileron and the slats. Rick Hatton, the President of 10 Tanker Air Carrier, said on Sunday that parts to repair the damage were en route to Moses Lake. The company’s other DC-10, Tanker 911, was also at the tanker base when the accident happened.

Mr. Hatton said retardant systems tests on their third DC-10 which is being converted now into an air tanker will begin the week of July 28. In a month or two they hope to have it fully operational. It will be designated as Tanker 912.

Below is a copy of a portion of SAFECOM 14-0491 about the incident. Click on the image to see a larger version.

SAFECOM 14-0491

Below is a copy of a portion of SAFECOM 14-0446 about the incident. Click on the image to see a larger version.:

SAFECOM 14-0446

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7 thoughts on “UPDATED: DC-10 damages wing while taxiing at Moses Lake”

  1. How many wing walkers are there on the ramp at Moses Lake?? Apparently there weren’t enough who knew what to do when the plane was going to hit the stairs. I think the ground crew needs some more training.

    1. Better send those parking tenders??? to a seat base. Won’t have as much if a problem with wing span.

  2. my poor mistress was injured, i’m thinking more training is in need at tanker bases that accommodate the VLATS

  3. Yep

    The things we were taught on ramps BITD at ANY ramp ….military or civilian….was to make sure everything was clear of any aircraft.

  4. Check tba SAFECOM written about this and the “learning journey” about moving large airtankers ….

    ANd about the mention of a “learning journey team.”

    Wow learning journey and safety journey…..

    Will wordsmithing ever cease in fire world?

    How about some good solid training from the contractor an the airlines….there is where the “learning journey” ought to start and 10 Tanker LLc ought to be renumerated for the lack of training that should have been envisioned by the USFS early in the game

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