Visiting Airstrike’s facility at McClellan

They expect the P3 Orion to be finished around the first part of April.

Air Tanker 23 P3 Orion

Above: Airstrike’s Tanker 23, a P3 Orion

After the Aerial Firefighting conference at Sacramento McClellan Airport I stopped by Airstrike’s hangar last week to check on the progress of the work on Tanker 23. Formerly owned by Aero Union, the workers are finishing the required maintenance and inspections that should enable it to take to the air again over wildfires.

Bill Douglass, President of the company, said even though there are still some very important parts to reinstall on the P3 Orion, they expect it will be complete in the first part of April. He said they are going to retain the Aero Union paint scheme and registration number.

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16 thoughts on “Visiting Airstrike’s facility at McClellan”

  1. Some outstanding photography you’ve been sharing Bill! Much-appreciated and enjoyed!

  2. Would be interested to know the former Navy Bureau Number on this aircraft. Former P-3 Flight Engineer.

      1. Thanks for the info. One of the former Aero Union birds, don’t know the tanker # but the Buno was 151384, that was my crew bird back in 65 when I was in VP-22. Spent 18 of my 20 flying in this great aircraft type.

        1. My pleasure. And 151384 (MSN 185-5097) convertted to UP-3A. To AMARC as 2P0042 Apr 18, 1990. To Chilean Navy as 407 Jun 24, 1994. !!

  3. I know it’s irrelevant to accomplishing the mission, but I’ve always liked the Aero Union paint scheme. I’m glad that Airstrike and Buffalo are both essentially keeping it. This is a nice set of photos. Thanks Bill.

  4. Are those -10’s or -14’s? Great photos Bill! Thanks for taking the time and sharing! TC

  5. great pictures really love them and it’s gonna be great to see it flying again especially attacking firesI guess the work was fairly complicated hence the time it’s taken to get this plane back in the air?.

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